"Akleta" Ltd. & "Akleta Logistics" Ltd. – there is a group of companies, which brings together the main objective Kuriame Lietuvos ateitį - to provide you with a comprehensive cargo “from door to door" service. We will help you properly prepare the necessary documentation for the transportation of cargo, and represent you in obtaining the necessary permits, certificates, represent you in customs and other authorities. Our high-class specialists have many years successfully working in this area and will guarantee you a fast, high-quality, courteous service and safe delivery of cargo to the address indicated.

Representation of business entities for the declaration of customs procedures

By representing the interests of the our clients at the customs, we  can  carry 
custom logoout for them the necessary customs procedures. We not only prepare the documents, but we can physically present during the inspection of goods by customs authorities.

On client  request, we can represent its interests in the territorial customs office or the Department of Customs addressing issues relating to the declaration of goods (petition is granted, extend the period of transit, we get an explanation on customs procedures and the production of authorized actions, product classification, provide samples (sample) Customs laboratories for the classification of goods and others.goods, etc.). 

Our customers can trust us their business, and do not waste your precious time on paperwork, and carry out their main activity.

Representation in the veterinary and phytosanitary authorities

Veterinary Service-controlled agricultural products: animal products, animal feed, products not of animal origin - from third countries may be imported only through those border crossing points, which operates the border veterinary post (hereinafter - BVP) .

Each consignment imported from third countries in the Republic of Lithuania, is a veterinary control. Veterinary control is performed in order that a third country on the territory of the European Union had imported only safe and cowquality animal products, fodder and other non-animal products that meet the requirements of legal acts on safety and quality, as well as monitoring the health and welfare imported and animals. If during the veterinary inspection will be found that the party does not comply with the law, the goods can be returned to sender or sent for recycling or disposal.

To learn more, you can read on the website of the State Food and Veterinary Service, or simply contact our company.

Registration procedures for the export of subsidized products

By customer request, we can represent it in the execution procedures for the export of subsidized products. About the "Particulars of export procedures for the administration of subsidized  agricultural products in third countries".


•  IntroductionCUSTOM
•  I. The competent authorities
•  II.  Acceptance of subsidized cargo for transportation
•  III. Transportation
•  IV. Cargo  submission to export organisation
•  V. Carrier's responsibilities and duties, subsidized freight transportation
•  VI. Carrier's right to obtain evidence of the transport operation was performed correctly

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Representation of a client to obtain permits and certificates

By customer request, we can not only submit it at customs, carrying him all the necessary procedures. We can also take part in the preparatory process for obtaining the necessary licenses, certificates, etc.

certificateWe can represent the customer in the territorial customs, as well, and the Customs Department in matters relating to the declaration of goods (petition is granted, extend the period of transit, we get an explanation on customs procedures and customs authorization act, the classification of goods, provide samples (sample) for customs laboratory for the classification of goods, etc.).

Our customers can trust us, and do not waste your precious time on paperwork, and just go about their daily business.

Advice on customs procedures and other authorized actions

Review of customs procedures, recommendations on the most cost-effective customs procedures.

Preparation of customs documents



Instructions for completing the Single Administrative Document (SAD), prepared in accordance with Commission Regulation (EEC) 2454/93 of 2 July 1993, securing the establishment of Council Regulation EEC 2913/92 approving the resolution establishing the Community Customs Code (OJ 2004. Special edition, Chapter 2, Volume 6, page 3.) (amended in 2010. November 18. Commission Regulation (EC). In 1063/2010 (OJ 2010 L307, page 1.) (hereinafter Regulation № 2454/93 ), 30A, 37 and 38 and establishes a procedure for filling a single administrative document and its amendments declaring the goods at the customs of the Republic of Lithuania.
In cases where the law provides special collection or an individual designated boxes, the procedures shall be governed by these provisions.

CUSTO• Preparation of Single Administrative Document (SAD) ;

• Filling in CMR;

• Completion of the TIR Carnet. TIR electronic data preparation and transfer.


pdf iconDownload instruction for "Single Administrative Document" (SAD, Lithuanian language).

Administration of official inquiries, complaints and answers on tax

Monitoring of official requests, responses, as well as complaints about tax advice to the customer, project development documentation for customers of other institutions, participation in negotiations with these institutions.


According to various questions connected with the calculation, declaration and payment of taxes, usually companies are turning to local tax authorities - Regional State Tax Inspectorate or its territorial division. If necessary, our experts will help you make the right application you want when your representative will contact the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance - to the central tax administrator.

Requests and complaints brought by the central tax administrator shall be considered in accordance with the laws of the State administration, public information and other. New rules in detail explain how to serve and consult citizens how to apply and complaints and how to resolve them. The rules regulate in detail the procedure for adoption and resolving an application and complaints, processing and transmission responses of submitting party.

Intrastat reports

Intrastat reports - one of the Akleta company's services. The purpose of Intrastat - to provide information about the flow of goods between Lithuania
and other European Union countries. Intrastat Reporting is mandatory for all  VAT payers, which are trade deals with the economic actors of the European Union, imports or exports with an annual capacity of more than a certain threshold the Department of Statistics assimylation. The order of application of the Intrastat system, established by the legislation of the European Union, and for its failure to comply with administrative liability.

We represent the client in customs during customs audits (our compny will be responsible for the correct report INTRASTAT, participate in the audit of Customs). We hope that our offer will interest you, save you time and money, and our company will be able to provide you with high quality services which meet the requirements and characteristics of your business.

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Freight transport by road. International and local transportation


International freight forwarding services all over Europe and the CIS are supervised under the direction of qualified managers in our company. A list of our services are not only the international carriage of goods, but also local transportation (local distribution) from the warehouses of partners.

Road transport:

• Logistics in whole or in part laden vehicle logistics cargo;

• cars with ADR equipment for dangerous goods;

• transportation of oversized and heavy cargo - the best selection of vehicles, licenses, insurance;

• cars with tilt trailers - all kinds of goods.


Transportation of goods by sea


Transportation of goods by sea is one of the cheapest means of transportation both normal and heavy or bulky goods. In collaboration with partners in Lithuania and the world, make transportation of goods by sea tranbsportom (from) all over the world. For the needs of the client, we offer a container with a full load (FCL), part-load (LCL), transportation of oversized cargo. We can also provide information on the movement of cargo.



• Ship's freightage for the transport of large / heavy loads;

• Transportation in all directions is fully loaded (FCL) and partially loaded (LCL) containers (see dimensions of shipping containers);

• Transportation of special containers: Open Top, Flatrack, Platform, referee, etc.;

• Carriage of goods "from door to door";

• Selection of optimal logistics and transport routes;

• Tracking;

• cargo insurance;

• Control the quantity and quality of goods;

• Loading and unloading services at the port;

• Transportation of containers and rail cars platforms.


Transportation of goods by air

Air - it's one of the safest and fastest modes of transport. We can easily adapt to unique customer specific requirements and ensure that the goods will be
aircraftdelivered properly, the desired temperature or packaging. Since we are cooperating with many famous airlines, we can guarantee fast and safe delivery of goods around the world.

Services offered:

• Freight forwarding by air (a) throughout the world;

• Online documentation and clearance procedures for exports, even for a few hours before the flight;

• Delivery of goods to the recipient's door (DDU, DDP terms of delivery);

• storage of cargo and preparation for transport, packaging;

• Items that require special conditions of carriage, the carriage;

• the transport of goods to third countries, bypassing Lithuania;

• Ability to pay for transportation of the recipient country on request. Flexible pricing;

• Delivery to the consignee a statement;

• cargo insurance on favorable terms.

• Tracking the movement of goods.

Rail freight


• Cargo transportation in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and all CIS countries, China,

• We carry all types of cargo;

• Transportation in a universal and special type wagons;

• Select the optimum scheme of logistics and transportation routes;

• a flow chart for fixing oversized cargo, obtaining confirmation from the railway authorities;

• Control the boot process;

• We insure the goods and fill consignment notes.


Shipping, freight forwarding and logistics

Freight Forwarder - the organizer of the process. We select and offer the customer the best way to transport goods. aircraft

trainWe have developed a reliable and well-developed freight system, which is characterized by precision, safety and reliability. We have chosen a reliable transport company and entered into contracts with them, so we can quickly provide the necessary means of transport your cargo at the right time and right place. Through the service, arrange all the necessary means of transport and control the process from the moment of loading to unloading at the destination, including the preparation of all necessary documentation.truck


About Warehouses


The warehouses are equipped with modern technological equipment appropriate for the needs of our clients. Height of buildings - 10.2 meters. The total area of dry warehouse space - 14,000 m2. Premises are provided with advanced temperature control system. There are also freezers with a total area of 20,000 m2. Warehouses have 65 loading gates for access by road and rail routes with connecting to a terminal in Klaipeda sea port and access to ports around the world.

Storage facilities are controlled by cameras 24 hours a day. Implemented an effective system of control and protection, which allows to effectively monitor the safety of cargo storage. Radio terminal is controlled by each terminal and getting on with it decreasing the load for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers have the ability to control the balance of the cargo stored on the Internet.


Location of warehouses

 Our main office and warehouses address:

"Akleta" Ltd. &  "Akleta Logistics" Ltd.

Kairiu st. 1,

Klaipeda 95367


To find out the route as  arrive to our company, you must in the box below the map, type in your address (for example Wall st. 1, London) and click on "Get directions". Map will show the route and travel  legend.

Coming from:

Cargo storage, sorting, weighing, and packaging

For each owner of the goods is very important that his goods safely and securely be stored before it is delivered to its final destination. Working with reliable partners, we can offer you the best terms and rates for cargo storage and loading - unloading, repacking, sorting and distribution, preparation of goods for transportation.

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