Intrastat reports

Intrastat reports - one of the Akleta company's services. The purpose of Intrastat - to provide information about the flow of goods between Lithuania
and other European Union countries. Intrastat Reporting is mandatory for all  VAT payers, which are trade deals with the economic actors of the European Union, imports or exports with an annual capacity of more than a certain threshold the Department of Statistics assimylation. The order of application of the Intrastat system, established by the legislation of the European Union, and for its failure to comply with administrative liability.

We represent the client in customs during customs audits (our compny will be responsible for the correct report INTRASTAT, participate in the audit of Customs). We hope that our offer will interest you, save you time and money, and our company will be able to provide you with high quality services which meet the requirements and characteristics of your business.

- The production of Customs INTRASTAT reporting full financial responsibility to the client.
- Harmonization of data Intrastat data accounting for your company.
- Entering data into your company's Intrastat  reporting on the imported and exported goods.

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