Representation in the veterinary and phytosanitary authorities

Veterinary Service-controlled agricultural products: animal products, animal feed, products not of animal origin - from third countries may be imported only through those border crossing points, which operates the border veterinary post (hereinafter - BVP) .

Each consignment imported from third countries in the Republic of Lithuania, is a veterinary control. Veterinary control is performed in order that a third country on the territory of the European Union had imported only safe and cowquality animal products, fodder and other non-animal products that meet the requirements of legal acts on safety and quality, as well as monitoring the health and welfare imported and animals. If during the veterinary inspection will be found that the party does not comply with the law, the goods can be returned to sender or sent for recycling or disposal.

To learn more, you can read on the website of the State Food and Veterinary Service, or simply contact our company.

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