Preparation of customs documents



Instructions for completing the Single Administrative Document (SAD), prepared in accordance with Commission Regulation (EEC) 2454/93 of 2 July 1993, securing the establishment of Council Regulation EEC 2913/92 approving the resolution establishing the Community Customs Code (OJ 2004. Special edition, Chapter 2, Volume 6, page 3.) (amended in 2010. November 18. Commission Regulation (EC). In 1063/2010 (OJ 2010 L307, page 1.) (hereinafter Regulation № 2454/93 ), 30A, 37 and 38 and establishes a procedure for filling a single administrative document and its amendments declaring the goods at the customs of the Republic of Lithuania.
In cases where the law provides special collection or an individual designated boxes, the procedures shall be governed by these provisions.

CUSTO• Preparation of Single Administrative Document (SAD) ;

• Filling in CMR;

• Completion of the TIR Carnet. TIR electronic data preparation and transfer.


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