Cargo transportation services

JSC „Akleta Logistics“ provides full and partial cargo transportation services by air, sea and road. In cooperation with reliable and long-term partners, we ensure smooth and safe door-to-door delivery of goods. Based on individual needs of our clients we offer the most appropriate cargo transportation options at competitive price.

  • Sea freight;
  • Air freight;
  • Land transportation;
  • Multimodal transportation.

Warehousing services

JSC “Jaku Logistikos Centras”  together with JSC „Akleta“ representatives provides the services of goods storage in the customs warehouse and carries out other operations related to cargo warehousing upon client‘s request, such as cargo loading / unloading  from / to the warehouse, sorting, selecting and packaging of goods, weighing, measuring, and labeling of packages.

Customs brokerage services

Our “Akleta” team of professional and experienced customs brokers offers the following services:

  • Preparing documents for customs procedures (import, export, transit);
  • On behalf of the client, submitting requests, complains and applications for certificate issuing to customs authorities;
  • Directly representing client’s interests at the customs office during customs clearance and inspection of goods, as well as at the phytosanitary and veterinary offices, if necessary;
  • Providing other services related to customs formalities and declaration of goods.

Trading and distribution services

JSC “Krona LT” carries out wholesale and retail trade and distribution. The company’s professional team has an extensive experience in sales and can advise clients on their goods’ sale and distribution. The company’s representatives in Latvia, Russia and Germany successfully operate to ensure the development of export sales. In 2020 the e-shop started to operate.